Offset Printing Machine

Second hand offset printing machines are popular among Indians. We are dealer of used imported offset printing press. We sell all kind of used printing machinery such as Heidelberg, Komori Lithrone, Polly, KBA, Adast and even diecuting, folding and bookbinding presses like Polar, Wohlenberg, Perfecta SDY, Stahl, Aster etc. Check our offset printing machine price list here.

We are the providers of pre-owned offset machines and have an increasing international reputation in providing unfailing reconditioned press and printing machines. We provide you with one of the bests refurbished pre-owned Heidelberg offset print machinery that too at a way lower cost than the new machinery. Revamped Heidelberg offset machines from us assuages the decision of buying pre-owned printing machinery, because we only sell the best refurbished Heidelberg Offset printing

Used Offset Machine Has Growing Popularity

Used offset printing machines’ prices are affordable. You can easily get double color or 4 color second hand offset press at good price.

Is the offset printing business better option than the digital printing? It is a question that is in almost every individual, and everyone is looking for the answer, but the experts have now clarified the answer by stating yes or no both. Yes, you heard it right! The answer is a yes and no at the same time.

For the past two decades, a debate in the print world that has focused on the relative merits of two specific principal technologies that are- offset printing and another one digital printing. According to you, who do you think is the ultimate winner in the comparison of a used offset printing press and a second-hand digital press? Here is a brief description is given below between the offset printing machinery and digital printing machinery to see which one is a better one between the two:

Second Hand Offset Machine – A Better Choice over a New Machine


It is the usual kind of business practice of several companies to buy second hand printing machinery as purchasing the used equipment actually saves you a lot of money and it lets you stay within your stipulated budget. It is easier said than done, purchasing second-hand machinery can sometimes be a tricky business even if you are a professional in this field since there are several factors that get involved that need the presence of mind, humor and proper consideration.

Most of the people shy away from buying used process equipment as they do not have the required idea and knowledge in this regard. Consequently, they end up purchasing new machinery for their work. Moreover, there are certain false beliefs regarding the used machinery.

These myths sometimes result in not letting you take advantages of such profitable deals to benefit your own organization with purchasing the cost-effective second-hand equipment. If you have all the information that you want regarding the sale and purchase of the used offset printing equipment, you can also effectively buy the right equipment at a fraction of the real price.

People usually go for new machinery over the used ones because they believe that the quality of the equipment will be compromised if they prefer used machinery. This is the most common false belief that plays a prominent and remarkable role in people not buying used machinery. You need to rest assured; finding high-quality used process equipment with a high level of functionality is not at all impossible.

Additionally, purchasing some of the used products that require high involvement, such as process equipment, can be purchased at the same quality level as well as high in functionality. However, checking and making sure of the product’s quality is your responsibility before making a final deal of owning it.

For this, you will need to hire the services of a professional expert who will check the equipment for you. You can also buy the machinery from a recognized trader who sells quality used machinery in reasonable prices. If you are able to obtain a guarantee from the trader, it is a plus point that will save you from future problems of damaged or bad products that need servicing.

Heidelberg Printing Machines – An Undisputed King in India’s Printing Market

Heidelberg stands at the apex of precision printing press development. Owning around 40% of the global market share in offset printing machines, Heidelberg is the tour de force of printing press industry. We are popular on an international level for delivering high quality pre-owned Heidelberg offset print press. We have a strong clemency with Heidelberg because of its spot in market as a leading brand for offset printing machines. Heidelberg takes pride in its impeccable quality and standards and innovation. It has been creating supreme quality machines for over 200,000 customers while producing high quality print products from business cards to posters that too of unmatched finish. Wieschloch-Warldorf site is where all the Heidelberg offset printers are assembled and are even customized as per the specifications of client.

Heidelberg has been creating benchmarks in introducing new printing innovations since 2004. This has added to the Heidelberg’s offset printing press production and company enjoys unrivalled success. That is also what makes us the preferred choice for refurbished offset printing machinery, the goodwill of Heidelberg fused with our brilliance.

The long bankability of Heidelberg is the reason why we deal only in Heidelberg machinery. Heidelberg incepted in 1850 in Frakenthal then later on moved to their new headquarters in Heidelberg in 1896. In 1914 Heidelberg Tiegel was made and it was first of its kind machine that can print on varying sized formats on Industrial scale. In the span of next twelve years Heidelberg managed to be the first German manufacturer to have an assembly line production. The result was increased production targets of Heidelberger Tiegels, the most successful printing product of its time. Heidelberg moved from letterpress to offset printing in 1962, now Heidelberg is renowned for offset printing. The introduction of Speedmaster 72V was a game-change in 1974 as it was the next most significant advancement witnessed by the world in printing.

It was sheet-fed offset presses that played the mass contribution in business for Heidelberg and, from 2003 to today, it has been the most crucial sector for Heidelberg. And we are the prominent dealers of second hand Heidelberg sheet-fed offset presses. The other two game-changers for Heidelberg which served at the forefront are Heidelberg Offset Printmaster and the Heidelberg Speedmaster models. The Heidelberg Printmaster is the most sought press for small/medium sized print shops that wish to expand into multicolored printing. While The Speedmaster is a heavy duty press that is used by the Industrial printers, the efficiency and high level production is unmatched. The Speedmaster can be customized by the customer as per their needs so that the customers can equip the offset printing machines with additional features that might be useful for them.

The newest release from Heidelberg is the offset Speedmaster CD74 which is pretty massive. The model has improved the standards of color printing manifolds. The introduction of 8-10 printing units as standard shows the versatile arrays of operation of this model and super quality finish, this is the perfect choice in handling a wide range of printing stocks. This press has even printed 30m impressions for packaging to labels. We have a wide number of refurbished Heidelberg Speedmaster offset print presses.

Heidelberg offset Speedmaster XL105 Coating unit is a popular choice among commercial and packaging printers looking for second hand presses. The machine is a must have asset in the field of the package printing with a speed of 18,000 sheets in an hour. The in-line coating unit in this press gives the final print product a superfine polish finish. The Heidelberg Speedmaster XL105 has high efficiency and high spec print finish. We are here to take away your stress in choosing a second hand Speedmaster XL105 as we have already filtered the best machines then refurbished them fr you.

We are also a known provider of pre-owned Heidelberg Printmaster PM74, a small in size and low production volume machine that is ideal for new businesses and only one shift operations. But don’t underestimate it as it is the best press in its segment –highly reliable, highly durable with four color ways and the price is competitive as well. We have the most extensive range of restored Heidelberg machines.

The best quality refurbished pre-owned Heidelberg offset Printmaster GTO52 is a machine that is easy to use and reliable machine that gives high spec finish. This massive offset printing machine from Heidelberg is an offset printer that has coating and drying facilities in it, gives the product a quality finish and faster post-press. Printmaster GT502 is renowned for its print jobs that range from brochures, greeting cards, postcards and labels, which are actually versatile in nature. We have the most humongous portfolio of second hand offset print machinery exclusively from Heidelberg.

Our success of sailing at the top of second hand print machinery industry is owed to the profound understanding of used Heidelberg printing machine presses and our healthy relationship with Heidelberg printing machine. This has helped us in refurbishing pre-owned Heidelberg offset print presses to the highest of standards, and producing used value for money print machines in excellent condition.

We are among the top providers of second hand print machines and an ever increasing international reputation in providing most reliable refurbished used press and print machines from top manufacturers such as Heidelberg, Polar, Komori, Stahl, KBA and Ronald offset printing machinery. The best thing about us is that we only deal with leading print manufacturers who are renowned for high quality print jobs.

We are here to take your stress out in buying pre-owned printing equipment in good condition and also offer you print related solution for your demands in this cut-throat competition that is only worsening.

We supply the most exclusive range of used second hand printing equipment in India. You have the opportunity of getting a high quality, refurbished press machine at a highly reduced price than that of a new one. The same functionality and efficiency now comes at half of the price.

We have ruled the worldwide industry of selling refurbished pre-owned printing equipment for more than two decades without any disputes. The time has been amazing for us. Since our inception in 1991, we have gained reputation from scratch and now our reputation is unmatched. This reputation is because of our high quality refurbished products at reasonable price.

Our banking affiliations and facilities have given us the power to purchase a large number of presses for stock, this means we are in a position where we have the largest selection of used and reconditioned printing equipment in our stock, the equipment are available as owners. We have the largest stock in comparison to any of our competitors. Our customers can be certain that we control the equipment that we are offering wholly unlike our competitors. Additionally, we have a profound knowledge of used printing presses and about the condition of machinery. Our experience speaks itself about our capabilities as refurbishing dealers.

Since we are an expert seller of old and restored Heidelberg offset printing machines, we have the expertise to carefully inspect every offset printing machine after restoration is complete. We ensure that our customers get the best quality he deserves. Our expert staff has a thorough knowledge of Heidelberg equipment and all the technical requirements of it. One can be sure about their proficiency in this.

Pre-Owned Printing Machinery Myths

There is another myth regarding the used equipment that the machinery has been under usage for several years and has nearly spent its official useful life and if you purchase it you need to spend a lot of money in servicing the machinery to make use of it. Moreover, such machinery would have been highly depreciated over several years.

This is surely not the case with the old machinery. When a reliable dealer sells you used process equipment, it is his responsibility to make ensure that the equipment that he is selling to you is up to the mark. You can be sure that the quality of such second-hand machinery will not be compromised.

Over the last few years, the decreasing economy of US has insisted the construction and mining contractors to nearly settle for the used mining tools and machines instead of purchasing the new ones. If the used equipment is bought by properly examining their performance and condition can really prove to be a good investment.

Offset & Digital Printing – How They Work

Digital printing eliminates various mechanical methods needed for the offset printing processes, which include making of films, colour proofs, and plates making for ink rollers, etc. it refers to the methods of printing from a digital based image that is direct to a variety of media. Today most of the digital presses apply ink in a single pass from a single ink head that is same as the common inkjet printers that are found in houses and offices.

The minimum budgeted jobs that do desktop publishing and other types of digital sources are printed with the help of a high-volume laser or the inkjet printers. The commercial digital presses were established around the year 1993. Offset printing machine is in news for more than a century and it was the only way to print just about anything and everything commercial such as newspapers, magazines, books, pamphlets, booklets, advertisements, brochures, postcards, and much more.

This technique was commonly used where the inked image is transferred from a plate to a rubber blanket that then rolls the ink onto the paper surface, vinyl or any other plain surface. When this is used with combining it with the lithographic processes, that is based on the oil repulsion and water repulsion, the offset process is utilized a flat image carrier on which the image is to be printed that obtains ink from the rollers of ink.

When the unprinted area attracts the water based film by keeping the non-printing areas simply ink-free. Offset printing is made in contrast to digital printing that does not use plates or anything to transfer the ink onto the paper. The offset, as well as the digital printing press both of them, have strengths that are specific to the needs of the print project of the client.

Both of them are useful printing techniques with each of them having particular benefits depending on the client’s project budget and the needs. The best part about this is that as a pressing business, your customer’s printing requirements can be met with either one of these choices and the high-quality means you get a better-printed product just as you wished for.That’s why we always recommend our buyers pre-owned offset printing machines who can’t go for a brand new machine because of extremely high cost. Used or second hand offset printing machinery are pocket friendly and gives good return on investment (ROI) to the printshop owner.