About Us

The internet has bridged the gap in between the consumer and the seller. In this era, both parties demand multiple options. Instant real time communication and answers to all queries. Successfully delivering on these demands is what separates us from our competitors, and also have made us the fastest growing used printing machines seller in the world.  Advanced, proprietary and unique software developed, with latest HTML, by our very own developers puts us up among our competitors. Our impeccable Internet Marketing team presents the whole world with our versatile product listing in the most appealing way.

You can witness our excellence by logging on our website, it speaks about us itself. Don’t forget to subscribe us to get instant e-mail alerts whenever another used Printing Equipment from companies such as Heidelberg, Komori and KBA gets added to our product listing. We are looking forward to do connect with you.

Here are things that we do apart from selling used printing machinery.

Installing your used offset machines and equipments

Our expert commercial and technical teams, star studded with years of experience and achievements, is able to acquire and analyze humongous knowledge that is required to quote the most accurate valuation of used printing machines and equipments of almost every make, models and ages.

Not only this, our team of highly qualified engineers ensures perfect quality after sale services in any part of the globe. We provide dismantling service for your equipments globally at any location. Furthermore, our customers can request a professional removal/installation service from our qualified engineers.

Dismantling and packaging of used printing machines and equipments

We are too choosy when it comes to hire engineers for our services as we only hire people who have worked at Heidelberg, Manroland, Komori, Ryobi and other big names. We are choosy for you, so that our engineers can dismantle and pack presses of all makes and all models in the best condition. To make sure that your product is rust free and rust resistant, we apply a coating of anti-corrosive spray and then wrap the product completely in plastic sheets. After this step, we carefully skid and load the equipment in container or wagons, the safetyis governed by ratchet straps. If there are any loose parts i.e. motors, delivery chains, grippers and motors; then they are packed in wooden cases with sponges to ensure safety.

Land and Sea shipment for used presses and equipments

Our rapport with our partners, with whom we have been working for many years, are experts in shipping your used offset printing machine to any destination in the world at the most reasonable price and quality.

No matter which corner of Earth you live in, our partners are there to deliver your printers on time; securely and safely.