Before Printing Process in an Offset Machine?

Ink Setting

The rows of lights present on the ink supply control panel indicate certain positions on the ink roller, thus representing a section of the image. If the lights are flashing then it means adjustment is under process. All the settings are fine-tuned manually and then adjust the feeding of ink for each separate section.

Printing Plate Make Up

After setting up of ink is done then plates are mounted in respective color units, this is done by either inserting plates into press-hand of offset or sometimes automatically. Since even a minute scratch will be visible on the printed image thus extreme vigilance is required. It is to be ensured that all the plates are in the correct register such that image of each separate color is in the same position on the sheet with precision. The plates come up with holes that aids in locating the plates precisely and consistently every time on every machine.

Register Position

After sorting all the above instruments precisely; our printer is ready to start printing and the printer begins creating colors and register corrections. He keeps on correcting and adjusting until the wanted optimal result comes out. There are certain register marks that are used to correct the image whenever colors are far apart as these register marks correct the position of plates, this continues and then stops when register marks get aligned. All these adjustments ensure that the colors are printed in the precise location and stays there till picture is clear.

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