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Want to buy Second Hand printing machinery? Read this guide

Printing machines, just like cars, are now made more durable, everlasting and reliable so that they can run for longer years without any impact on their efficiency. If we look at the scenario 15 years ago then buying a Heidelberg or Komori press with 80 million impressions on its clock would have been a doubtful… Read More »

How to suceed as a Printer in the Digital Marketing Age

It’s inevitable that digital marketing is going to stay long but that does not have to mean the end of Printers. If teamed up properly Digital and Print marketing are a fabulous team, each can be used in amazing and effective ways to influence the customers. GETTING TO KNOW DIGITAL MARKETING Undoubtedly all the print… Read More »

UV Printing Techniques and Benefits

As the demand for printing items are increasing, it is feasible to witness different innovative features in the printing press. With time, the technology has managed to develop the clarity and quality of the printing works. Basically, the printing press is a device which is used to print different types of texts and pictures. As… Read More »

What Is The Best Paper For Book Printing?

It’s a common confusion among many regarding the best paper that can promise to deliver the best quality book printing. These people are often quite unsure about the source through which they can have these best papers. The publishers often have to think about these issues when they get bulk of printing or publishing works.… Read More »

UV Coating-What’s it? Types Of UV & Advantages

Ultravoilet Coating or UV Coating: In the market different UV options are available that fulfils the requirements of integrated solutions for providing maximum treatment for the printed surfaces with low energy usage. But the trending question that is has gone viral is ‘Yes to UV or No to UV’. Businesses even get quite confused in… Read More »