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Offset Printing Powder Application

The conventional ink does not get thoroughly dried when the sheets arrive at the delivery pile in offset printing. Avoidance of smearing, offsetting (transferring ink onto sheet), and blocking in the pile (sheets piled upon each other sticking to each other) yet remain the main requisites in sheet-fed offset printing. Using powder ink than conventional… Read More »

Rubber Rollers in Offset Printing Machines

Roller manufacturers use synthetic rubber, which is a complex mixture containing natural rubber and sundry chemicals that have obtained stability and elasticity through the process of vulcanization. The basic characteristics are inherited by the rubbery materials from the raw rubber present in mix. Several vulcanization agents are added for further vulcanization. One important vulcanization agent… Read More »

Offset Printing Solutions for Customized Plastic Cards

A lot of technological advances have taken place in the print industry over the last decade or so, offset printing and computer-direct-to-plate digital printing are the most commonly used commercial printing technology. It might seem a daunting task to choose between all these bewildering technologies for your next project, but don’t worry about it that’s… Read More »

Printing Technology Advancement Is Making Small Jobs Profitable

Taking a bite of 36% of the revenue generated from print industry, commercial printing is a dominant sector. Even then, just like every business person will say that the revenue has no significance without great profits. But those margins are getting shrunk because of increasing demand for shorter print runs and quicker results. New and… Read More »

Offset Lithography – Everything You Need To Know

Same level of printing and non-printing elements is the key feature of Lithography. In this, the non-printing elements are ink-repellent and don’t let ink stick to them while the printing elements are ink-accepting, all thanks to inter-facial surface phenomena. Lithographic printing has following subdivisions: Stone Lithography (prints using a stone and is a straight technique)… Read More »

CtP Plates Control after Development

New types of measuring devices along with measuring control strips have been developed for proper inspection of the quality of offset printing plates. CtP technology has an amazing ability to measure the strips in digital form and then directly transferring to printing form, while the conventional measuring control strips used conventional methods for the measurement… Read More »