Heidelberg DryStar LED is Innovative & Profitable

By | June 9, 2017

Heidelberg Offers Innovative and Profitable DryStar LED- The Latest UV Design That Increases Productivity And Operation

Every customer gives high effort to improve the efficiency and add incredible value to the printed products. UV opens a natural path for concluding this easily! In order to support such requirements of the businesses, Heidelberg developed a drying system that is designed with advanced features that would aid the customers and take a considerable part in increasing their production and as well as energy efficiencies. Heidelberg has launched the latest UV technology DryStar LED at the Open Houses held at Print Media Centr, Atlanta.


Detailed Feature about DryStar LED

DryStar LED is regarded as the most advanced UV technology system that is available globally. It is designed for curing sheets at maximum speeds. It has the potential to cure around 18000sheets/Hr maintaining low energy consumption. DryStar LED utilizes modern semi-conductor technology along with cooling system that consumes low energy with a guarantee of operating over 25000Hrs.

How Is DryStar LED Helpful For Businesses?

LED UV being the latest invention combines lowest energy consumption ensuring guarantee on high quality. LED UV technology is integrated with the original press design. This innovative technology boosts up press integration to a new level along with saving energy. Comparing DryStar UV with LED UV, LED UV has high ability to reduce energy consumption to around 90% with additional of around 50% in comparison to DryStar LE UV.

This innovative technology is targeted to assist the standardized commercial and the web-to-print shops. This aims to deliver large numbers of Short-run-jobs with low time. This is considered to be highly valuable for perfecting printing. This is applicable for managing 4/5 colour applications without using or with using the coatings.

The shops have the incredible option of installing multiple LED bars within the press for the specialized applications that includes foil boards or white on plastic boards. Utilizing this technology, in spite of the substrates each of the sheets would arrive immediately and transfer to the postpress assuring complete cure.

Unique Features That DryStar LED Integrates

DryStar LED integrates unique features which includes Automatic Format Setting, Auto Shutdown of the unused modules, Instant Off/On feature that shuts down the LED bar at the end of the sheet that entertains additional energy savings. This also is helpful in extending the life of LED Bar. DryStar LED is considered as the precise solution for the wide ranging applications from the commercial printing (with or without coating) to the thin metalized foils along as well as the distortion-free plastic foils.

The Latest Invention Offering Maximum Flexibility

DryStar LED is the latest and advanced technology that ensures to deliver high-end quality products that includes plastic cards, official stickers, in-mould labels and plastic packaging. DryStar LED can be utilized for delivering maximum flexibility as an interdeck dryer. The LED lamps distribute the best outputs as it is switched ‘On’.

For example, an XL 106 that is operating with utilization of 80% with around 6000 operating hours annually would use a single LED bar for around 5 years. If the Instant On/Off feature is used along with automatic format setting the same LED bar could last for around 7 years. This could be helpful in producing around half a billion sheets more within the same time!

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