Offset printing Inks Transfer Procedure

The following parameters are mainly affecting the transfer of offset printing ink to the printing substrate or intermediate carrier by splitting the layer of ink:

  • Thickness of the ink layer on the offset printing plates affect the ink supply
  • Period of contact of different components with each other affect the printing speed and geometry of printing components.
  • The pressure developed between components also called printing pressure
  • The rheological properties of inks for offset printing inks
  • Temperature ratios (temperature can affect the rheological properties of the ink)
  • Various properties referring to the surface of printing substrate and printing plate or intermediate carrier (wet-ability, absorbency, roughness, etc.)

Printing Ink Transfer

Absorption properties also influence the layer of ink on printing substrate. Because of both absorbent and non-absorbent printing substrates, when we increase the speed of printing then ink transfer is reduced, thus it makes the period of contact shorter.

In indirect printing there are two stages of transferring ink. A rubber blanket is firstly brought in contact with the layer of ink on printing plate; adhering parts of ink layers. This ink is then transferred to the printing substrate.

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