KBA Rapida 105 Press- Review

By | June 15, 2017

KBA Rapida 105

For Flexible Offset Printing

In the past years, the name KBA Rapida 105 had stood for divine reliability and for an attractive performance ratio at the best reasonable price in the medium-format sheetfed offset. The successful market of the KBA Rapida 105 press was found on its high rate of flexibility, practice-oriented handling ease and an attractive and effective outer and inner machine design. Together, these specific factors actually contribute to the excellent print quality of the most varied substances.

Systematic and Efficient Production Because Of Beyond the Norm Technology

Based on the common press platform, the Rapida 105 provides numerous design solutions with its sibling presses for the B1 format which means that cutting-edge technology which is deficient in most of the other sheetfed offset presses: the Inking units which can be detached when not in use, the ultramodern console features or the user-oriented washing systems –many details make work easier for the printer.

The KBA Rapida 105 Has Characteristics Of:

  • DriveTronicfeeder enabled with dedicated peerless drive technology.
  • Wear-free and Bleed ink ducts.
  • Energy efficient Vari drydrying systems, up to LED-UV.
  • Non-stop pile changing solutions for uninterrupted production.

The edge in the package printing segment that the KBA actually enjoys has to do with its capability of manufacturing and producing UV curing systems, that represents KBA. After the KBA adopted the space concept of product development, the widespread thing in the automobile industry is the Rapida 106 was re-launched again.

With the help of a new technique, now KBA uses a single platform for its three models in the format of 70x105cm: Rapida 106, Rapida 105, and Rapida 105 Pro. The Royle continue to invest in latest technologies and in larger campuses with maintaining a better work environment for their workers and employees.

Currently, they are building a warehouse facility for storage of approximately 60,000 sq ft. increasing the space area in their present workplace. The KBA Rapida is the third in number for the high speed in America and has a new perfect binder with it. The carpenter acknowledges that the company wanted to upgrade the sheetfed capabilities and simply add the capacity due to growth.

The new KBA Rapida press is about to play an essential role in the production of the firm, creating quintessential covers for both aqueous and the UV coated with LED-UV curing. The new KBA Rapida 105 press is a brave and accepted investment made by the Royle Printing represents one of the Best workplaces in and across America.

The company has decided to invest with KBA Rapida 105 press to provide attributes to higher technology for its current and growing number of clients in the country. Recognizing the extraordinary and poor work environment of the company the Royle Press valued in doing business with a company that actually invests in its people and its own profitable, genuine, and remarkable technology. The workers also appreciate the craftsmen to attract and retain the most valued talented skills.

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