Manufacturing of a Sheet-fed Printing Press

Sheet-fed Printing Press

There are three major parts in any sheet-fed printing press:

First part is the feeder and lay system which ensures that all the sheets enter into the press one by one distinctly in exactly the same orientation.

Then there is the Printing Unit, which has one plate cylinder with ink and dampening rollers, an impression cylinder and one blanket cylinder. Only a single color is printed on one side of the paper by each printing unit. There are presses with different number of printing units from 4 units to 8 or even 12 –color press which can print on both the sides by re aligning the sheet after 6th or 7th unit. In a 4- color press, every unit is required in order to print a multi-colored image just for one side of the paper.

Last part is the Delivery system. The main purpose is to receive all the sheets from press and then stack all of them in a pile on the delivery board.

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