UV Coating-What’s it? Types Of UV & Advantages

By | May 28, 2017

Ultravoilet Coating or UV Coating: In the market different UV options are available that fulfils the requirements of integrated solutions for providing maximum treatment for the printed surfaces with low energy usage. But the trending question that is has gone viral is ‘Yes to UV or No to UV’. Businesses even get quite confused in deciding the best suitable UV for their business! Selection of UV solutions is majorly based on the applications the business provides. It also depends on the specification of the markets the businesses serve.

What is UV Coating?

UV Coating is a shiny coating that is applied on the printed surfaces and treated with a special machine utilizing ultraviolet light. The UV coatings harden when those are treated with ultra violet light. In this competitive market, it is essential to extend the sheetfed printers and technology does offer an amazing opportunity to unlock the sustainable and cost-efficient method. Now, we hope you know the meaning of uv coating.uv coating

Different Types Of UV

You Need To Pick From As Suitable For Your Business!

DryStar UV

Mercury UV is widely used and trusted UV form that is trusted from traditional days. This is also referred as Traditional UV and used currently in the sheetfed machines. Since decades, this form of UV is being used and has proven to be the best technology. It offers a wide range of selection in substrates, consumables as well as the overall application which can easily be achieved.

The effective temperature management technology with DryStar UV ensures that the heat is absorbed maintaining limited transfer of heat though the UV output is high. Such feature is superlative for the sensitive materials. This also ensures high accuracy on the plastic films as well! DryStar UV solutions integrates with the press maintaining short distance in between the UV dryer and the sheet that minimizes the energy usage that is ultimately required for high curing.

DryStar LE UV

DryStar LE UV is a low energy UV solution that can be the appropriate answer for the commercially printed answers. DryStar LE UV is considered to be ideal for the exact requirements of the production of the hybrid prints with the combination of digital and offset printing.

Heidelberg’s DryStar LE UV is offered in the market for speciality printing as well as packaging which completely depends on the application requirements as well as the substrates. LE UV is not restricted to any single ink series and is highly flexible.

DryStar LED

The latest achievement with the technical inventions in UV Curing is the innovative LED UV. This combines minimal energy consumption maintaining high quality. This is quite similar to LE UV and can easily be integrated with the original press design. This innovative technology lifts the press integration to a complete new level saving energy.

It does have unique features like auto format setting and LED bar auto shutdowns the modules that are not in use. In addition to this, the direct On/Off feature integrated with the DryStar LED shuts down the LED bar. DryStar LED is considered as the best solution for a wide range of applications that are involved with commercial printing, let it be without or with coating. It also is applicable for thin metalized foil and the distortion-free plastic foils.

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