UV Printing Techniques and Benefits

By | July 3, 2017

As the demand for printing items are increasing, it is feasible to witness different innovative features in the printing press. With time, the technology has managed to develop the clarity and quality of the printing works. Basically, the printing press is a device which is used to print different types of texts and pictures. As the name suggests, the printing method is maintained through pressing the ink with utmost pressure over the print mediums.

Mainly, the printing works are been maintained over the papers and the cloths. But as per the demand of the clients, the print mediums vary. Nowadays, in order to earn more profit, the people preferring the concept of UV printing. It has been observed that, since last few years the demand for UV printing has been highly increased. This printing technique is considered as the most convenient printing technique, because of its flexibility and versatility.

Basically, UV printing is a digital printing technique, in which the printed ink is allowed to dry by using ultra violet rays or light. When the printer prints the ink over the surface of the print medium, the ink is instantly subjected to the UV lights. Thus, the ink absorbs the properties of UV lights and thus, the clarity and quality of the print is highly enhanced.

In the UV printings, the dots of the wet inked don’t spread out of the line, thus a fine design is ensured with this printing technique. This printing technique can be efficiently maintained with the flat bed printer. The inks used in this printing technique have weather resistance and thus, don’t fade away easily. Printing on different substrate materials like aluminium or acrylic are also easily maintained through UV printings. This printing method is highly appreciated in the commercial industry, as it represents a number of benefits. Some important benefits which are associated with UV printing include –

  • Environment friendly – The UV inks don’t contain any kind of chemical compounds or organic compounds. These are purely maintained with natural and environment friendly ingredients. Thus, there is no harm to the environment. Again, these prints are easily maintained over plastic and other hard surfaces, without applying any kind of extra effort.
  • Quality – As the ink gets hard just within .02 seconds after being subjected to Ultra Violet light, the shiny properties of ink is efficiently maintained within the print. Again, due to lack of evaporative features, the ink quality features more vivid colour options.
  • Durability – As the UV inks are dried by the UV light, so there is no high effect of sunlight on these inks. Thus, these inks perform efficiently up to 2 – 3years.
  • Faster processing – Because of quick dry features, these overall turn time of UV printing is very fast. Thus, these are highly preferred in the commercial market, when the project has tight deadlines.

Thus, it is highly recommended to grab the UV printing techniques with necessary equipments in order to grab more profit and to submit the project within proper time.     

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